Jimmy Blackman,
Senior Adults / Connections Pastor

Pastor Jimmy Blackman serves as our Senior Adult and Connections Pastor where he is blessed to lead and love on some of the best folks in the world!  In this role, he gets to teach, plan activities, provide pastoral care, and pray for the “vintage” folks of NFCN!  Jimmy also says, “and the folks I serve get to love on and teach me as well.”  

Pastor Jimmy has a Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degree and has been in ministry for over 25 years!  He loves his current role because he says, “I am blessed when I hear our saints sing with all they have and testify to God’s goodness in their lives. It encourages me and gives me hope and that’s what I want to do—give encouragement and hope to folks that need it (and there are a lot who need it!).”  

Pastor Jimmy calls the amazing Sandy Blackman his bride and has three sons, Trey, Billy, and Nathan.

Email: jblackman@nfcn.org