Nashville 1st Church of the Nazarene
Hospital and Prayer Concerns

Friday, October 16, 2020






Wilson County Vanderbilt McFarland Campus – Dub Robinson, Room 2123




Adam Twining, recovering from kidney donation.  And  

   pray for Carlos, the recipient of Adam’s donation.

Norma Maybee, mother of Tara Stieber, hospitalized

   with an infection following hand surgery.

Riley & Betty Laymon – others in their home have   

   contracted COVID

Linda Foster

Preston and Elane Hunley

Bobby Johnson, upcoming knee surgery

Pat Smith (wife of David, mother of Sabrina Jones)

Margaret Tucker, mother of Beth McKenzie

David Russell, son-in-law of Larry & Linda Foster

Brent Bowers, uncle of Phil Clinard

Gwen Tuttle, recovering from knee surgery at home

Jean McLaurine

Geneva Silvernail
Geneva Silvernail’s daughter Debbie

Carol Allen

Larry Foster

Jerry Scott

Bob Daily

Eileen Skinner

Charlie Finchum

Cooper Delk

Jim and Wilma Hearn – both receiving care at home

Linda Bixler, sister of Roy Rogers

Pete Peterson

Marita Sexton
David Lee
Royce Wilkerson
Harold & Ginny McCue
Charles Tyree, Sr.
Norman Callis
NFCN Shut In members

Those who have recently experienced loss.



Beth Welch

Pam Best, friend of Carlotta Lee

Susie Johnson Miller

Ray Carron (cousin of Chris Knight)

Chuck Yang’s mother Lily

Nick Bennett (friend of Jimmy Spruill)
John Smith (brother of David Smith)
Chuck Givens (friend of Tommy Davis)
Peggy Croft (wife of Jeff Croft)
Cherryl Lee (sister in law of David Lee)
Viola Geddings
Rolinda Eddings
Mike Caldwell
Tommy Davis’ granddaughter, Jamie