Transitioning from TRADITIONAL to MISSIONAL

M19 Videos from Pastoral Team

Bullet Points from M19 Presentation

Kevin Ulmet, Lead Pastor:

Set up REGULAR meetings with Missional Group Leaders for communication and confirming schedules.  

Include them in weekly staff meetings.Staff and Leaders:  Willing to Mentor leaders, share resources.  Expand our regular invites to include “them.”

Don Diehl, Senior Associate/Congregational Life:

When it comes to facilities and finances everything comes down to one “S” word….STEWARDSHIP!!

Finances:  Money collection and reporting is critical to long-term success.

Create and organized system for reserving space, vehicles, and for communication regarding important dates.

Include “them” in your Welcoming communications (signs, websites, special services)

Sabrina Jones, Children’s Pastor:

In light of the inclusion of our Missional Congregations, How does NFCN Kids Ministry Remain Hospitable?

We are Inclusive:

Everyone is Welcome

Comfort Care Ministers to Children needing individualized care.

We Seek to Serve:

Engaging Children in community outreach projects opportunities.

Leading worship opportunities which teach our children to serve. 

Jimmy Blackman, Senior Adults:

Helping our older adults make transition into this new reality. Include them in the Mission.

Providing regular opportunities for fellowship, connection, and equipping.

Faithful to pray specifically for all our congregations and the leaders of all groups.

Faithful to serve in several ministries across our church. 

Tim Pitzer, Worship Pastor:

Include ALL congregations in at least one combined worship service per year.

Allow Missional Congregation worship teams and congregation pastors to lead in the service.

Encourage separate storage for worship equipment.

Provide training for use of sound system volunteers. (share the expense for new equipment)

Bob Milburn, Emmaus/Bethel Campus Pastor:

Create a growth strategy in staff and ministries.

Build relationships between leaders on partner campuses.

Engage the immediate community with creative ministries using resources from both campuses.

Share preaching and teaching gifts from main campus to satellite campus. 

Moving from gatekeeping to missional youth ministry

Examine your ministry costs, means of communication and tradition.

Seek to have each major event be inclusive and discipleship based.

Find opportunities to model inclusion and diversity for parents and students.

Moving from “our” facility to Gods facility!

How can your church building be used by community is question you want to answer first.

Communicate to your community that you simply have space. 

Communicate time and time again to church attenders anything that happens in your building that reaches your community


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