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It is the aim of this ministry that all students who wish to participate in trips and events are not prohibited from doing so due to costs.  Many trips are free or at a greatly subsidized cost.  Any student who is an active participant in our fundraising endeavors is guaranteed a spot on every trip and at every trip requiring a cost.

For the last several years, our Youth Ministry has raised on average $18,000 a year for student account funds, to help pay for trips and events!  When you participate in our fundraising activities, all monies earned are deposited into a student account from which students can use that money to pay for trips!

Ongoing Fundraisers

Kroger Cards:  In short, you receive a “Kroger Gift Card” and load money onto that card.  Then, 4% of whatever you spend on that card is deposited into your student’s account!  For more information, please download the brochure here.