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Nèos Youth Ministries seeks to provide its students with opportunities to know, live, and share the love of Christ in our world. From camping trips to conferences, our goal is to provide our students with the resources to be rightly related to God, each other, and our world. While costs vary according to the trip, it is always our aim to keep costs as low as possible and to provide fund-raising to help offset some of the cost. If you have any questions about our upcoming events, please contact Pastor Matt at

Please note to your left under the "Events" section a list of upcoming events, conferences, and trips the Neos Youth will be participating in.

General Information for all events:

·         Payments can be made online, or in person, but must be made before trip departure.

·         If you would like to know student account information, please email Darolyn Praskach at

·         Each student needs a Medical Release form on file to participate in any of these events which take place off of NFCN's campus.  They can be downloaded at