Nashville 1st Church of the Nazarene

Hospital and Prayer Concerns

Friday, September 21, 2018


Emergency Prayer Request

Please pray for Wes Hinton, who has suffered a stroke today in Florida and has been life flighted to a hospital in Tallahassee


St Thomas Midtown

Joyce Seagraves, Room 6108


Sherry Powell, Room 713

Prayer Concerns

Chuck Engelhardt

Bob Daily

Cecilia Clark, 1 week-old granddaughter of Bob & Joanie Clark – heart surgery

D Donnell

Don Dorton

Madeline, 17-year-old relative of Joan Hardin

Esther Wilborn

Mari Denney – sister of Marie Ratliff

Sheri Goodwin

Willa Dean McCaskell

Norman Callis

Bill Eddings

Dr. Jim Diehl

Suzan Speer

Susan Hyde, sister-in-law of Danelle Pate

Preston and Elane Hunley

Diagnosed with/Receiving Treatment for Cancer

Debbie Adkisson, daughter of Charles & Bonnie Brooks

Mark Greathouse

Wes Hinton’s sister-in-law, Jan

Carolyn Williams, Sister of Faye Fishburn

Brenda Johnson

Diane Parrish

Tommy Davis’ granddaughter, Jamie

Misty, daughter of Dot Savage

Rachel Petty, friend of Stacie Smith

Rolinda Eddings

Stephen Huff, grandson of Denzil and Christine Huff

Harvey Lee, brother of David Lee

Essie Simpson, friend of Thomas Harris

David Luke, son of Helen Luke

Larry Ashley, father of David Rice’s business partner’s wife