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Nazarene Safe Ministry

Your children's safety and well-being are priorities at NFCN Kids Ministry as we train them in the Truths of God's Word.  We believe that prevention is the best protection and we focus our energies on intentionally addressing this need.  All children are cared for by leaders and volunteer staff who are trained in our safety policies and procedures. Everyone working with children submits to a criminal background check.  All children’s leaders work in teams, never alone. We are committed to protecting the most vulnerable among us.  NazareneSafe includes a five step safety system:

1. Awareness Raising
2. Staff and Volunteer Screening
3. Policies, Procedures, and Practices
4. Accountability: Monitoring and Oversight
5. Reporting and Responding
Check In/Out System - Our computerized check in system helps us track children’s arrival and pick up times and assists us with our safety system. An adult is required to check children in and out. Each family is asked to fill out an information form which will include all children from that family. This information will be entered into our system initially and will expedite your next check in.  When a child is checked in a series of labels will be printed with the child/children’s names and any special instructions, ie., allergies.  One label will go on the outside of the child’s clothing, one will be given to the adult who will be picking up the child. This label must be presented at pick up and matched with the child’s tag at pick up time.
Pagers are provided to parents with nursery age children 2 and under or at the parent’s request.
All children's areas are under digital video surveillance with viewing available on monitors at the Kid Central and Elementary Check In desks.
Following is our NFCN Ministry to Minors Policy Manual: