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Hospital List/Prayer Concerns

Nashville First Nazarene Prayer Concern

Tuesday, October 6,  2015

NHC Cool Springs
George Garvin

Prayer Concerns:
Faye Speer, under hospice care at home
Laura Meisner, mother of Julie Cummings, receiving treatment for leukemia
Noah Langford, 6-month old relative of Luvenna Murphy, heart surgery
Nathaniel Becker, grand-nephew of Faye Fishburn, heart valve replacement October 21
Don Garrison
Collette Polk
Tim Reid
Betty Laymon
Riley Laymon
Linda Harrison
Bradon Quigg, son of Brandon Quigg
Linda Foster
Geneva Silvernail
Dawn Fitts, daughter of Bill Tuttle
Friend of John Chilton diagnosed with Leukemia
Ken Binkley, friend of Tommy Davis

Diagnosed with/and Receiving Treatment for Cancer:
Erma Seaman, mother of Chuck Seaman
David McCollough, son-in-law of James & Mary Spruill, married to Meagan.
Charles Tyree, Sr.
Janet Hales, mother of Eddie Hales
Larry Ellis, son-in-law of Wilma Hearn
Jim Murray, brother-in-law of Larry Foster