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Hospital List/Prayer Concerns

Nashville First Nazarene Prayer Concerns

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Danny Dunston     Room 315

Family of Bobby Jo Langford, father of Scott Langford, who passed away Monday, March 2.   Arrangements are pending.

Prayer Concerns:
Mildred Burchfield at McKendree
John Chilton
Riley Laymon
Collette Polk
Joan Stinson
Ron Burnett
Joyce Ann Cavender
Tim Lancaster
Mona Arden
Ruth Hunter, mother of Carol Allen, at NHC Cool Springs
John McBee, Sr. father of John McBee, Jr.

Diagnosed with/and Receiving Treatment for Cancer:
Charles Tyree, Sr.
Janet Hales, mother of Eddie Hales
Mike Moredock
Jake Kempton
Larry Ellis, son-in-law of Wilma Hearn
Mel Crews, father of Pam Jeffries
Jim Murray, brother-in-law of Larry Foster
Manuel Domingues, friend of Greg & Ginny Pitts
Joyce Days, friend of Tim Lancaster