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Hospital List/Prayer Concerns

Nashville First Nazarene Prayer Concerns

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Family of Randall VanGoor, cousin of Joyce Ann Cavender, Linda Deason, and Elane Hunley, who passed away November 25.  Arrangements are pending.

Prayer Concerns:
Carlotta Lee
Buddy Vaughan suffered a stroke and is at Vanderbilt Hospital.
Linda Rice
Helmet, Ralph, and Urgen Dietrich, friends of David Rice
Lynn Slonecker
Ron Burnett
Ginger Terry
Diane Delk
Mother of Bob McLaurine

Diagnosed with/and Receiving Treatment for Cancer:
Janet Hales, mother of Eddie Hales
Mike Moredock
Jake Kempton, brother of Sarah Lakey
Dave Stennett, father of Amy Smith
Dawn Fitts, daughter of Bill Tuttle
Larry Ellis, son-in-law of Wilma Hearn
Tara Johnson
Mel Crews, father of Pam Jeffries
Jim Murray, brother-in-law of Larry Foster
Manuel Domingues, friend of Greg & Ginny Pitts