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Hospital List/Prayer Concerns

Nashville First Nazarene
Hospital and Prayer Concerns
Friday, November 17, 2017

St Thomas – Midtown
• Valerie Owensby Byrns (niece of Marian Jewell), Room 4327 – Recovering from surgery
• WD (D) Donnell, Room 7625

Skyline – Madison Campus
Tim Lancaster

Prayer Concerns
• Dr. Stan Toler – has been placed under hospice care
               Click on the following link for an update:
• Karen Ulmet – has been released from the hospital today and and Ulmet family thanks you for your prayers!
• JoAnn Burgett – recovering from hip surgery  (JoAnn is the mother of Darryl, Randy, and Mike)
• Harry Crance
• Linda Foster – recovering from surgery
• Herb Modesitt – recovering from shoulder surgery
• Preston Hunley – recovering from knee surgery
• Joan Anderson, friend of Mike and Adrianne Brewer – recovering from Open Heart surgery
• Wilton Lucille Good
• Harold McCue
• Raedean Henecke
• Michelle Lewis
• Jack Lewis
• Steve Robertson
• Sylvia Wigart
• Byron West
• John Smith, brother of David Smith
• Fran Hoehne, mother of Mike Osborne

Diagnosed with/and Receiving Treatment for Cancer
• Rolinda Eddings
• Doug Schott, neighbor of Bob Walker
• Larry Ellis, son-in-law of Wilma Hearn
• Missionary Joy Paul’s father – terminal cancer
• Tim Davis, son of Tommy Davis
• Mary Jo Elkins
• Muzette Sexton, daughter of Muzette Byars and sister of Nancy Galloway
• Stephen Huff, grandson of Denzil and Christine Huff
• Harvey Lee, brother of David Lee
• Zuri Obotte, 20-month-old related to the Garvin family
• Karen Hornsby, friend of Stan and Dinah Bennett
• Billie Howard
• Richie Adams, great-nephew of Rachel Adams
• Essie Simpson, friend of Thomas Harris
• David Luke, son of Helen Luke
• Larry Ashley- father of David Rice’s business partner’s wife
• Laura Meisner