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Hospital List/Prayer Concerns

Nashville First Nazarene
Hospital and Prayer Concerns
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

• Bethany Tibbs, Room 4130

Vanco Rehab, Goodlettsville
• Earl Hatcher, Room 307

Alive Hospice – Home Care
• Ron Burnett

McKendree Rehab
• Sue Cowell, Room N289

NHC - Dickson
• Suzan Speer

Prayer Concerns
• Mary Lee Fielder
• Ron and Frankie Burnett
• Faye Fishburn’s Sister-in-law, Donna – heart transplant candidate
• Sue Turpin
• Billie Howard
• Ruth Sullivan
• Dr. Dan Spross
• Corey Garcia’s 4-year-old niece

Diagnosed with/and Receiving Treatment for Cancer
• Richie Adams (Rachel Adams’ great nephew)
• Caronda Junier
• Faye Fishburn’s brother Paul
• Ron Burnett
• Dr. Stan Toler
• Sam Michael
• Essie Simpson, friend of Thomas Harris
• David Luke, son of Helen Luke
• Larry Ashley- father of David Rice’s business partner’s wife
• Laura Meisner
• David McCollough, son-in-law of James & Mary Spruill, married to Meagan
• Larry Ellis, son-in-law of Wilma Hearn