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Additional directions for Titans games at 12:00pm

Your space is reserved!

For all Tennessee Titans home games the church utilizes the services of a parking company that helps reserve parking space for our congregation. Here are some tips that will help to ensure that your parking experience on game day is as smooth as possible. Some may also find that on any given Sunday, barricades may not be in place at certain intersections. The absence of barricades placed by the city may enable you to use alternate routes that allow you to get on the interstate headed home more quickly. There is a parking space for you!

Entering & Parking

If you attend the 9:00am Worship service, you will find that there is little or no "game impact" on your drive into the church.

Exiting & Heading Home

Some have found that parking on the street along Russell, Woodland, and 6th Streets provides for a quicker exit after the game. Be sure to park at least 30 feet from the intersection. Using on-street parking also keeps more parking spots available close to the building for those who may physically have trouble parking further away. It also helps save some spaces close to the building for those coming to Sunday school. If you are headed North to go home, you may find it easier to take Ellington Parkway North to avoid the game-day traffic. If you are headed South you will want to take 5th Street North to Spring Street to the I-24 East junction. If you are headed West, you will want to take 5th Street North to Spring Street to the I-24 West junction. This will take you to the I-65 South junction which will lead you to I-40 West.